Zend Framework UK

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Currently working on a big Zend Framework project so I though I would have a breather and do a little blog post targeted at anyone looking for a UK based Zend Framework developer.

I’ve built a few Zend Framework based systems and have found it a fun system to work with, especially on the more recent versions of the library. There have been a few hurdles along the way and I have definitely improved my object oriented PHP development skills a lot since I first had a go at the Zend Framework quick start way back when.

I chose to learn Zend Framework primarily because Magento is based on it, and Magento is the ecommerce platform that I have chosen to specialise in. Since then though I have found that Zend Framework has a definite place for me, especially when coding more heavy duty data processing applications.

For simple web sites I would tend more towards using Symfony or my own lightweight MVC framework for very simple sites. For me Zend Framework really shines when you need to do something a little different that doesn’t easily fit into the mold specified by the Symfony code creation tools.

So to conclude, if you are looking for a PHP web developer who specialises in Zend Framework and particularly if you would prefer a UK based Zend Framework specialist then get in touch with us today.