Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox

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The web developer toolbar is an excellent addition to the great firefox web browser. It allows you ultimate control over the behaviour of your web browser and helps you to fine tune layouts. The toolbar has a real time html and css editor built in which is great for tweaking things. For those of you who have a nice big 22” monitor to develop on, the resize functionality is awesome for replicating the viewport of whichever resolutions you want, so that you can ensure your layout still works on an 800 x 600 display for example.

As a web development tool for those of us who hand code things instead of using dreamweaver or whatnot - it is an excellent tool.

You can download the web developer toolbar here

Unfortunately there is some kind of bug with Firefox where if an update fails or the browser crashes, then your web developer toolbar may stop working. In fact it is still working but all of the icons disappear. All you have to do to fix it is right click it, select customize and then select “Restore Default Set”. Thanks to Voodish for the fix.

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