Favourite Ubuntu Music Player

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After loads of messing around with the various music player programmes available in Ubuntu, I have settled upon Audacious as my favourite.

It was already really good, however once I discovered the option to install the Audacious Extra Plugins pack (syntaptic package manager) it got the full host of features that I look for, including a scrobbler plugin for updating Last.fm with my listened to tracks.

Before Audacious I was using and loving Exaile, but it simply refuses to play ball when you want to right click -> “open with” a folder containing music. As I prefer using the file system rather than a bundled library, this functionality is of paramount importance to me. It’s a shame because other than this Exaile is good. Another problem with Exaile though is that it won’t play APE files.

Audacious ticked both of these boxes, but didn’t scrobble. Now I have installed the plugin, it is scrobbling and opening folders properly - its the one to use :-)

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