Symfony Training UK

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After a few enquiries, we are looking into the possibility of setting up a Symfony training course based in Leeds in the UK.

At present this is not a firm plan but we are definitely looking into it and would really like some feedback on what kind of Symfony Training course you would like to see.

The course would likely be an introduction to the Symfony PHP framework, possibly going through the Jobeet sample site documentation which represents an excellent training framework.

At this stage it is not totally clear what we would need to include in the course, especially if we can expect candidates to already be familiar and confident with object oriented PHP. One option is that we do another course which is purely focussed on the object oriented aspects of PHP, like a crash course of OO PHP for coders who have no or little experience of this style of coding.

If you are interested and would like to share with us your ideas and expectations for a UK Symfony course please do get in touch. We will take your ideas on board and keep your info on file so we can let you know as and when the course goes live.

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