Playing with Symfony

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I’ve been meaning to play with Symfony for ages. I have played with Zend Framework and have also created my own light weight framework (which I will probably continue to use for light weight / rapid development projects or where I am working with a designer and need to keep the complexity to an absolute minimum). So I Checked Symfony 1.2 out of SVN and started with the quickstart guide and using the Jobeet tutorials as a reference.

The first thing that is weird for me is creating my DB schema in YML files. Thankfully Netbeans seems to be helping me out by handling YML properly, syntax highlighting etc. Another great thing that I have found are these awesome cheatsheets, especially the DB schema cheatsheet which tells me pretty much everything I need to know in once nice colour coded page :)

In future I would like to use MySQL workbench and the Symfony YAML MySQL Workbench exporter plugin to make this process more streamlined, but for now I am going to try to get my head around the native YAML syntax. I always believe in learning to do things in a text editor first and then looking to to automate once I have at least a basic understanding.

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