Setting Up an Ipv6 Tunnel in Fedora

Creating an IPv6 tunnel in Fedora

Recently I had to access a server that only had an IPv6 address. As I am one of the over 80% of the UK without IPv6 access I needed to set up a tunnel on my machine to do this.

After looking through the different ways of doing this I concluded that the easiest way to do this was to use Tunnel Broker which offers a free tunneling service.

After registering for a free account you need to login and you’ll need to create a tunnel. Click the Create Regular Tunnel link in the User Functions box on the left hand side and fill out the information.

Once this is done you’ll be taken to the Tunnel Details page, the next time you log in you can access this directly from the Configured Tunnels box visible after you have logged in.

Click the Example Configurations tab and then select the most appropriate option from the drop down menu - I found that Linux-net-tools worked but Linux-route2 did not.

Copy and paste the command into a root terminal and then you should be able to access the IPv6 web.

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