Healthy Lunch Delivered Direct to your Desk - The Lunchbox Has Landed!

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The Lunchbox Has Landed is all about healthy options and convenience and pretty good value as well. No more queueing up at the supermarket for sweaty sandwiches and a packet of crisps. Instead get your lunch delivered direct to your desk so that you can enjoy the full length of your lunch break to relax. Alternatively for you focussed workaholics to gain an extra productive half an hour of the day with no compromise on your nutrition.

Edmonds Commerce have taken care of the technical development of The Lunchbox has Landed. The project’s main requirement was a user friendly and intuitive ordering system allowing you to easily build up your personal selection of lunchbox ingredients and schedule your lunches in advance.

The project uses large amounts of Jquery for the Javascript, and a bespoke object oriented PHP framework for the business logic. The visual design has been taken care of by Designermagic who have worked closely with Edmonds Commerce to achieve the final cohesive, effective and intuitive result.

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at Edmonds Commerce. They have a thorough technical understanding of building e-commerce websites and we are delighted with the functionality of our site. We would certainly recommend them without hesitation. Stuart Haiz (CMO) –

So if you are looking for lunch delivered to your office, check out The Lunch Box Has Landed today.

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