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Artflux are a UK based company specializing in Urban Arts. The project involved building the site from start based on Magento e-commerce platform. The project was quite fun to work on and as with many big and quite unique projects, this one also stretched the comfort zone and made us work out of the box!

Some of the work covered with this project involved implementation of site design/theme from the PSD files, setting up 3 stores to enable Artflux target customers in the US, UK and rest of EU, set up SEO features specific for each store, re-write product display in category pages to fit client specifications, lots of custom attributes etc etc.

We have also enjoyed, as with many of our clients, a close and mutual relationship with the client listening to requirements and provide advice during each phase of the project development. There is no better way to achieve a big project like this other than working together and the communication with Artflux was outstanding one.

You can see the site

Here is a snapshot of the homepage! Image

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