Ruby Syntax Highlighting with PHPStorm

PHPStorm is my IDE of choice for PHP development of course and also as many other languages as I can get it to support. One of my favourite plugins for PHPStorm is BASH Support which makes it into a fully featured BASH IDE with function support and syntax highlighting and some code inspections.

As we are now moving to Octopress for blogging functionality I wanted a way to get Ruby syntax highlighting. There is a full blown IntelliJ based Ruby IDE but that is overkill for my needs. I had a look at Netbeans however it has now stopped supporting Ruby though there is a community supported plugin apparently.

My best IDE solution so far is simply Vim, perhaps the spf13 flavour.

After a bit of Googling good old Stack Overflow came through for me with this post that explains how to leverage PHPStorm’s TextMate bundle support to get Ruby syntax highlighting. This works a treat though on my colour scheme (a slightly modified Darcula) it was unreadable. The final thing to do is to change the settings under Settings > TextMate Bundles and in the grid at the bottom next to my theme I switched the TextMate colour scheme from Mac Classic to RailsCasts and now it looks good.