Smart TV Developer UK

Smart TVs are still quite a new concept to many people. At Edmonds Commerce we believe that Smart TVs and other smart appliances will be the future. As the television is already a screen based system it is really well suited to become a web enabled and smart device. Online streaming services such as the BBC’s iPlayer and platforms like NetFlix and LoveFilm are already well established as internet based media streaming platforms and many consumer televisions are already smart enough to consume these channels natively.

The real smart television revolution is going to be based around custom applications for the smart tvs, available via an app store. There is also many exciting opportunities for custom smart television applications for a wide variety of business applications including things like live information displays, connected messaging systems, warehouse management systems, live graphs and business information displays and all kinds of other ideas - the sky is the limit.

If you would like to discuss your smart tv app idea with a specialist development agency, give Edmonds Commerce a call today!

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