Purashop : SEO Services

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I am right in the middle of a big SEO overhaul for purashop who have been good clients of mine for a while now.

My initial project for them was a fast checkout system. Getting rid of the standard osCommerce checkout procedure and rolling it all up into a single page which is loads faster, easier to use and much more customer friendly.

They have recently asked me to help them out with their search engine optimisation. The first thing I have done is install my bespoke SEO URLs system. This includes product, category and manufacturer SEO URLs. It even includes SEO page urls, no .html?page= for these guys, it’s a full static looking URLs system and runs with even less server load than the original oscommerce.

This is a major contrast with the Edmonds Commerce approach to SEO URLs compared with other systems out there. I have seen people who are using systems which dynamically preg_replace every single URL after it has already been generated, adding a huge amount of server load.

The extra icing on the cake though is the SEO URLs search system combined with a search logging system and a popular searches page. This page is excellent as it is not only a nice resource for customers, but is incredibly search engine friendly. As the content is dictated by the searches performed on the site, the page constantly keeps itself up to date with the latest trends and will constantly optimise their site for the most relevant and active topics of the moment.

I am continuing to tweak and improve their SEO package and have high hopes for a marked improvement in traffic in the not too distant future.