#PHPNW12 Round UP

All of the PHP developers from Edmonds Commerce made our annual pilgramage over the Pennines to Manchester this weekend to visit arguably one of the best PHP conferences around - PHP North West, PHPNW for short.

This is a three track conference with a diverse range of expert PHP developers giving presentations on some really interesting topics. The team split up and chose their own route through the choice of talks meaning that between us all we got a real flavour of the entire conference.

They Keynote by Ade Oshineye was all to do with API development and DevX - developer experience as opposed to the more usual and in vogue UX - user experience. The point being that users are often getting a lot of thought put into their experiences but developers are often given sparsely documented and unwieldy APIs to work with. The metaphor of a door with an ambiguous push/pull requirement was really apt.

Particular highlights for me included the ReactPHP talk by Igor Wiedler which was both entertaining and really informative. The ØMQ (zero MQ) layer looks really interesting among other things. The guys that went to the Data structures talk by Patrick Allaert were really impressed with that.

Take homes from the conference in terms of projects and technologies to keep an eye on include the following:


Silex Framework

React PHP


Amazon Web Services Command Line Tools

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