#PHPNW09 Round Up

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This weekend saw the second annual PHP North West conference in Manchester. It was great :)

After seeing two talks that touched upon the Symfony framework plus the plethora of other developers with an almost religious passion for the framework that I spoke to, I will definitely be getting into it soon. Especially now I have seen that I can try the Symfony framework and still have access to some of the cool Zend Framework modules such as Zend_Mail as demonstrated by Stefan Koopmanschap.

In comparison to PHP London, they managed to restrict the Microsoft evangelists to a roughly 15 minute slot rather than a full slot on track 1, which was a welcome relief. I used the time to try to register my free PHP Architect Magazine voucher and extend my subscription. (Didn’t actually work though, but I seem to remember there were issues last year as well, customer service request pending).

I loved the talk about Xdebug as well. Xdebug is so awesome, it was great to see an in depth explanation of all of its features, there were a few that I have yet to play with. Also great to see that my favourite FOSS IDE, Netbeans, is regarded by Derick Rethans, the inventor of Xdebug, to be the second best IDE for use with Xdebug. He prefers Komodo which I haven’t actually tried and is paid for software so that makes Netbeans the best open source IDE (I already knew it was).

It was good to get an overview of the SPL library by Michelangelo van Dam. Its one of the features of PHP that I know I should probably use more and it was great to have some demonstrations of the capabilities of the library.

All in all it was a great conference and the food was really nice too :D

Looking forward to next year!

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