PHP: Recursive Create Path (if not exists)

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Handling directories and files with PHP is a snap. However, with this handy function you can always be sure that the destination directory path for your files will exist.

If you pass a path with a filename at teh end, set the second parameter to true eg make_path($path, true)

/*Create  Directory Tree if Not Exists
If you are passing a path with a filename on the end, pass true as the second parameter to snip it off */
function make_path($pathname, $is_filename=false){


		$pathname = substr($pathname, 0, strrpos($pathname, '/'));


    // Check if directory already exists

    if (is_dir($pathname) || empty($pathname)) {

        return true;


    // Ensure a file does not already exist with the same name

    $pathname = str_replace(array('/', '\\'), DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $pathname);

    if (is_file($pathname)) {

        trigger_error('mkdirr() File exists', E_USER_WARNING);

        return false;


    // Crawl up the directory tree

    $next_pathname = substr($pathname, 0, strrpos($pathname, DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR));

    if (make_path($next_pathname, $mode)) {

        if (!file_exists($pathname)) {

            return mkdir($pathname, $mode);



    return false;