PHP DomPDF Bug - page_cache.cls.php on line 66 dompdf + Solution

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If you are struggling with a weird bug with DomPDF, something about it trying to connect to a postgres database..

well here is the solution that will get you up and running:

open the file and make the init method just return false

class Page_Cache {
    const DB_USER = "dompdf_page_cache";
    const DB_PASS = "some meaningful password";
    const DB_NAME = "dompdf_page_cache";

    static private $__connection = null;

    function init() {
        return false;
        if (is_null(self::$__connection)) {
            $con_str = "host=" . DB_HOST .
                    " dbname=" . self::DB_NAME .
                    " user=" . self::DB_USER .
                    " password=" . self::DB_PASS;

            if (!self::$__connection = pg_connect($con_str))
                throw new Exception("Database connection failed.");

Not sure really why this is trying to do this, obviously some kind of hard coded postgres caching system but anyway this fixed it.

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