Migrate to Google Apps - Google Apps Reseller

We are big fans of Google Apps and have built a large portion of our business processes around the system. For this reason we have absolutely no problem recommending the service to our clients and have assisted numerous clients with a migration to the system.

The first benefit you will get is your emails migrated over and a much better email service. You have the option of using normal IMAP access so you can continue to use your preferred desktop application however we suspect that you will start to use the web interface as it is really quite powerful with some unique features that you can not access on a normal desktop client.

Along with this you have great support of mobile devices, especially if you opt for Android with powerful and free native apps meaning that you can have all the access to your emails that could possibly wish for.

Along with the really excellent email functionality you also have powerful online documents giving you the basic office application functionality along with really powerful collaboration features allowing multiple people to be working on the same document simultaneously from geographically separate locations. This can be great when putting together proposals, specifications etc.

Now called Google Drive, the documents system has grown from managing purely office documents into a fully featured online file store that can be used to store and share all kinds of files across your organisation and with third parties.

Finally the calendar functionality is great. If you have never used Google Calendar then I suspect the first things you will notice is the abilty to easily drag and drop appointments around when reorganising your schedule. The ability to quickly create appointments using natural language such as “call steve at 11am” is really nice. A full barrage of reminders can be set up if you wish including on screen, SMS and emails meaning you should never miss an appointment again.

All in all we think Google Apps is great and would love to help you move your organisation across to the system. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please do get in touch today.

Edmonds Commerce are a Google Apps Reseller.

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