Form File Upload Limits with PHP

If you have a form designed to handle file uploads which is failing due to file size then you might like this:

$arrayMaxes = array(
    'upload_max_filesize' => intval(ini_get('upload_max_filesize')),
    'post_max_size' => intval(ini_get('post_max_size')),
    'memory_limit' => intval(ini_get('memory_limit'))
$maxUploadSize = min($arrayMaxes);
foreach ($arrayMaxes as $key => $value) {
    if ($value == min($arrayMaxes)) {
        $minimumOfThree = $key;

echo "The maximum file size you can upload is $maxUploadSize, this is due to the php.ini setting $mininimumOfThree";

This will calculate the smallest value that will be allowed based upon php.ini settings.

You can then incorporate this into your form logic and display so that users have a clear understanding of how large a file they can upload.