Ecommerce Leeds

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Ecommmerce Leeds

Did you know you are #54 for ecommerce leeds on Google?

This is only one of several keywords we have detected driving traffic, and potentially revenue, to your web-site.

A bit of informative spam there. To be honest we didn’t know this. We have not really gone into geo targetted SEO. Some of our biggest clients are from the south of England and we have quite a few big cilents from the Americas.

That said, if you are looking for e-commerce specialists who are in Leeds then get in touch with Edmonds Commerce. We are without a doubt world class Ecommerce specialist based in Leeds.

We do a lot of work with Magento these days but being PHP development specialists we are happy to help with oscommerce, prestashop, open cart or any other PHP based system you would like us to look at.

Just get in touch today. If you are based in Leeds feel free to swing by!

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