Debugging Google Adwords Conversion Tracking and Analytics

Recently I had to try and fix a number of issues with a client’s Google Adwork conversion tracking and Universal Analytics. To better help in debugging I discovered a plugin from Google themselves for Chrome that does some basic validation on any tracking tags in the page, this also includes tags loaded through Google Tag Manager and the Tag Manager loader itself. From here I quickly found that the wrong parameters were being passed to the Tag Manager data layer (and as a result to Ad Words) making it a simple issue to fix without having to wait for Adwords/Analytics to update. Read On →

Mysql Password Expiry - How to Resolve and Then Disable

I recently had the issue that the root user for a MySQL installation had their password expire. Apparently this is a fairly new MySQL feature which is designed to improve security and assist with meeting PCI-DSS requirements. However for this development box, it is not really necessary so I would prefer to disable. The issue became apparent when trying to log into phpmyadmin and seeing the error message: “#1862 - Your password has expired. Read On →

Screen Capture on Fedora

If you want to quickly capture your screen on Fedora follow these steps: Go to the following download link for VokoScreen sudo dnf install path/to/rpm Run VokoScreen And that’s it!

Setting Up an Ipv6 Tunnel in Fedora

Creating an IPv6 tunnel in Fedora Recently I had to access a server that only had an IPv6 address. As I am one of the over 80% of the UK without IPv6 access I needed to set up a tunnel on my machine to do this. After looking through the different ways of doing this I concluded that the easiest way to do this was to use Tunnel Broker which offers a free tunneling service. Read On →

Introducing UI Components

Contents Introduction What is a UI Component Structure Important to Note Technologies You Need to Understand XML, XHTML and XSD KnockoutJS RequireJS Pestle Javascript, KnockoutJS + Magento and UI Components What is a Javascript (JS) Component? What is a KnockoutJS + Magento component? What’s the difference between the three? UI Component Process Flow The Players Process Flow Chart Video Magento Core UI Component Examples Form Listing Introduction Over the course of this article I will give you a whistle stop tour of UI Components. Read On →

Replacing Failed Drive in Zfs Zpool (on Proxmox)

Recently we had one of our Proxmox machines suffer a failed disk drive. Thankfully, replacing a failed disk in a ZFS zpool is remarkably simple if you know how. In this example, we are using the ZFS configuration as per the Proxmox installer which also creates a boot partition which is not part of the zpool. Seems like a pretty sensible idea to me. Here is how we can look at the status of our zpool and see that it has a failed disk: root@cluster1 zpool status -v pool: rpool state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or invalid. Read On →