Chemos SEO URLS for osCommerce

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One of the most popular SEO contributions (community supplied open source modifications) for osCommerce is the SEO URLs system supplied by Chemo.

Chemo was famous on the osCommerce scene for a long time and supplied a great many highly useful contributions. One of his best contributions to osCommerce in my opinion is this forum thread where he investigates and discusses the steps needed to speed up the standard osCommerce.

For any store with a large catalogue, some of these steps are pretty much essential. Whilst the thread does not cover every single thing that a large site would need to do in order to get down to fraction of a second load times, it does cover a lot - and it also gives you the ideas you need to track down further areas in the osCommerce code base that are not as efficient as they could be.

Chemo’s SEO URLs though are not a contribution I would recommend installing on any site that has a large catalogue. The reason being that Chemo has sacrificed a lot in terms of performance in order to make the contribution easy to set up for the average web master. I totally applaud his generosity in developing such a contribution and for many sites it will perform admirably with no need for special PHP skills to install.

At Edmonds Commerce we have tackled speed issues for large osCommerce sites and have found that we needed to code our own SEO URLs system which is much more streamlined but does require a lot more edits and customisations to work.

If you are interested in getting your osCommerce store to run fast, or would like more info about our SEO URLs system - simply get in touch.

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