OpenERP UK - Open Source Enterprise Class ERP

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OpenERP is a fully featured enterprise class open source ERP system that thanks to it’s modular structure can support all kinds of business models and requirements ranging from Retail to E-Commerce to Manufacturing to Services and beyond.

OpenERP is written in a language called Python, widely regarded as an excellent language thanks to it’s power, cross platform compatibility and ease of development.

Thanks to being open source, you can experiment or even implement OpenERP for you business without any up front costs, licence costs, vendor lock in or any of the other big drawbacks of standard paid for ERP packages.

This means you can dip your toe in the water initially and roll out further integration and functionality as you are ready for it and your business requires it.

There is a wide global network of specialist agencies supporting the OpenERP package and at it’s centre is a large development house based in Belgium that is entirely devoted to the platform. This kind of business backed open source package is great news for you because it ensures that there will be professional support and training available and you can expect the platform to continue developing in the future, making it an excellent platform to invest into.

This is similar to the way that Magento, our most highly recommended open source ecommerce package, is backed by Varien - a large and well funded company that is pushing the platform and really making it an enterprise class platform.

Of course the logical best of breed combination is to use the awesome front end functionality of Magento for your e-commerce stores and hook this into OpenERP’s excellent business management functionality.

If you would like to discuss OpenERP or Magento or of course both for your business, get in touch today.

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