Wondering what you're waiting for? Mytop tells all

Mytop is a handy utility which shows what queries are currently being executed on your MySQL server - useful for those times when you’re not quite sure if it’s still on the job

Running mytop is easy, just run it from the command line and it’ll give you a top-like list of any queries currently being executed on the server You need to tell my top how it should connect to your database. You can specify everything as parameters on the command, such as

$ mytop -u=myuser -p=mypassword --db=mydatabase -P=3306

But chances are you’re not changing your database server that often.

Setting the default parameters for mytop

If you want to save yourself the effort of repeatedly typing the same details over and over, just tell mytop what you want it to choose if you don’t tell it any parameters

All you need to do is let mytop know how to connect to your MySQL database in the form of a config file called .mytop in your home folder, with the following contents (replace as necessary):

user=myuser pass= host=my.host.name db= delay=5 port=3306 socket= batchmode=0 header=1 color=1 idle=1

You can add as many or as few of these as you like for easy configuration, like specifying the db flag if you’re primarily accessing only one database. I like to leave the password field blank, and use the –prompt flag to avoid any awkward leaks!

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