Very High Speed Batch Update Multiple Rows of a Table in Single Query

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If you need to update a large number of rows on a single table then your first reaction may be to write a loop that updates one row at a time.

Of course if the table is large then this can result in a very large number of SQL queries.

Taking a bit of inspiration from this post I have put together this simple PHP function that will allow you to update as many rows as you want.

The trade off is basically memory usage as you build up a big array of row update information preparing for the batch. For this reason you may want to tune the number of rows you update per query.

function bulkUpdateSingleColumn($table, $id_column, $update_column, array &$idstovals){
        $sql = "update $table set $update_column = CASE $id_column ";
        foreach($idstovals as $id=>$val){
            $sql .= " WHEN '$id' THEN '$val' \n";
        $sql .= " END 
        WHERE $id_column in (" . implode(',', array_keys($idstovals)) . ")";
//debugging info
        echo '<small>'.$sql.'</small>';

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