Updated MySQL Dump Splitter and Cleaner

This is post is now quite old and the the information it contains may be out of date or innacurate.

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My MySQL dump splitting script has come in handy countless times. Recently I also needed to remove keys from an SQL dump to enable me to import a dump that had keys associated with text columns.

Here is the updated script

*note - now updated again to strip out any drop table statements if splitting


<?php /*MySQL Dump Split to Tables * script supplied by Edmonds Commerce * www.edmondscommerce.co.uk * if you like it, please link back with a do-follow * * Now updated with better regex and also the ability to strip out keys other than the primary / echo ‘

MySQL Dump Split to Tables + Remove Keys

’; set_time_limit(600); if(!isset($_GET[‘dump_file’])){ echo ‘
Dump File Path:
’; }else{ if(preg_match(‘%keys|both%’, $_GET[‘operation’])){ $contents = file_get_contents($_GET[‘dump_file’]); $pattern = ‘%,(s+?)KEY(.
?))%si’; $nokeys = preg_replace($pattern, “, $contents);
$_GET[‘dump_file’] = ‘nokeys.sql’; file_put_contents(‘nokeys.sql’, $nokeys); } if(preg_match(‘%split|both%’,$_GET[‘operation’])){ echo ‘

Splitting File

’; flush(); $handle = fopen($_GET[‘dump_file’], “r”) or die(‘failed openeing source file ’ . $_GET[‘dump_file’]); if ($handle) { while (!feof($handle)) { $line = fgets($handle); if(preg_match(‘%^drop table(.+?);%i’, $line)){ continue; }
if(stristr($line, ‘CREATE TABLE’)){ echo ‘. ‘; if(isset($out)){ fclose($out); unset($out); } preg_match(‘%CREATE TABLE (|)(w+)(|)(s+)($%i’, $line, $matches); $table_name = $matches[2]; $out = fopen(‘output/’.$table_name . ‘.sql’, ‘w’) or die(‘failed to create file ’ . $table_name . ‘.sql’); fwrite($out, $line . “n”) or die(‘failed writing to file ’ . $table_name . ‘.sql’); }else{ if(isset($out)){ fwrite($out, $line . “n”); } }
} fclose($out); fclose($handle); }else{ echo ‘no handle on file - does it exist - permissions…’; } } } echo ‘


‘ ?>



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