MySQL Performance Tuning

Just came across this forum post of MySQL that looks to be a gold mine of information related to performance tuning MySQL.

For reference I am copying and pasting the full thing here though all credit goes to the above.

Book: High Performance MySQL (2nd Edition) MySQL Performance Tuning - Best Practices:

MySQL Index Tuning and Coding Techniques for Optimal Performance:

Web Performance and Scalability with MySQL:

PHP Applications: 120 Performance Tuning screws for MySQL

MySQL Server Variables

MySQL Server Variables - SQL layer or Storage Engine specific

“Show profile” + “Information_schema.profiling” PeterZ presentations:

Using MMM to ALTER huge tables

MySQL File System Fragmentation Benchmarks

Finding/killing long running InnoDB transactions with Events

Using the event scheduler to purge the process list

kill_run_aways Stored Proc

Yoshinori: Tracking long running transactions in MySQL

How to debug long-running transactions in MySQL

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