Emergency Server Recovery Support - PHP, MySQL, Fatal Error, Site Down, Table Crashed + Solution

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If your site has suddenly gone down and you are tearing your hair out because the people you usually call for server support aren’t answering the phone then fear not - we can help you out.

Along with our core business of building, customising and extending e-commerce web sites, we are also pretty handy at fixing problems when the pressure is on and you need results quickly.

If you are running a PHP/MySQL based web site on a Linux server and its stopped working with Fatal Error or even an empty white screen then get in touch with us.

We appreciate that your e-commerce web site is your business and when the site is down your doors are closed and you are losing money. We can help you to get your doors back open again as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with us on 0844 357 0201 and drop us a contact form

We will support you in your server emergency.

Errors that you might encounter include:

Fatal Error


MySQL Error

Headers Already Sent

There has been an error processing your request

Error log record number

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