Sylius E-Commerce based on Symfony

As if there weren’t enough!

There is a new contender for the open source e-commerce crown, a platform called Sylius. The thing that makes this one especially interesting is that rather than being built from scratch it is based upon a very well established PHP framework called Symfony. Some would argue that Symfony is the “other” PHP framework alongside Zend Framework. In fact there are many frameworks however it would be fair to say that Symfony and Zend Framework are the most well established and up to date.

Basing an e-commerce platform upon an existing PHP framework has many advantages including transferrable skills, established best practice structure and also easier access to a wide range of functionality via library components and extensions.

There is another e-commerce platform based upon a PHP framework. It is based upon Zend Framework - you might have heard of it - Magento.

It does look very much like Sylius is still quite a new offering and it can not boast the level of maturity and establishment that Magento has achieved. That said, things move quickly in this industry and who knows what will be top dog in the next five years.

If you are considering Sylius for your e-commerce website and would like to find a UK Sylius developer to work with then do get in touch with Edmonds Commerce today.