Magento Upgrades - Need your Magento Site Upgraded?

If you are running an older version of Magento on your site then it is definitely worth thinking about getting the site upgraded to the latest version of Magento. Upgrading your Magento site means that you will benefit from all the latest features and bug fixes.

As Magento is still a relatively new platform, the new releases are making significant steps forward, tackling short comings such as speed and also generally improving the interface and making things easier to work with. This means that you should really be upgrading your Magento site on a regular basis.

There can be challenges upgrading an existing Magento site though. Often the theme, especially if it is heavily customised, can not be used directly on an upgraded Magento site and will need to be modified accordingly. Other functional customisations might need to be tweaked to get them working properly on the upgraded version.

Edmonds Commerce have now upgraded a large number of Magento sites and we have built up a lot of experience and know how allowing us to tackle pretty much any Magento upgrade project.

If you would like us to upgrade your Magento site, please get in touch with us today.

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