Magento Profiler Improved - Aoe_Profiler by Fabrizio Branca

The Magento profiler is useful when you are trying to discover what potential bottlenecks are in place in a specific Magento implementation that are slowing down the performance of the site. Often when doing this kind of analysis you might find that a particular block or extension is responsible for more than 70% of the total page load time. At this point you would choose to either optimise, cache or disable the block altogether to remove this performance bottleneck and improve page speed significantly.

If you have ever tried to use Magento’s built in profiler you will no doubt agree with Fabrizio’s comments that, when you have it working, the output is hard to read and not really very useful in terms of seeing what is actually going on.

To aid with this process and give us a nice colourful and friendly user interface to the Magento profiler, Fabrizio has built a Magento module that extends the default profiler and makes it a much more useful tool.

You can download the extension from git hub here.

Read the full blog story here.

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