Magento Detailed Exception Log

I have never been a particular fan of PHP’s standard stack trace - it tantalises you with a short snippet of info for each step of the trace that always seems to miss off the really useful bit of info.

I have done previous posts before on how to get a more detailed stack trace. If you want to have this in Magento you need to edit Mage.php (I currently don’t know a way of overriding Mage.php) with this code (around line 724)

     * Write exception to log
     * @param Exception $e
    public static function logException(Exception $e)
        if (!self::getConfig()) {
        $file = self::getStoreConfig('dev/log/exception_file');
        //self::log("\n" . $e->__toString(), Zend_Log::ERR, $file);
        $exceptionDump = "\n\nDETAILED EXCEPTION DUMP\n\n";
		foreach($e->getTrace() as $n=> $t){
			$exceptionDump .= "\n\n------------\n#$n\n" . var_export($t, true) . "\n";
        self::log("\n" . $exceptionDump, Zend_Log::ERR, $file);

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