How to Setup Balsamiq for Fast Mockup Process

Here at Edmonds Commerce when we are working on Magento design projects we use MyBalsamiq on-line mockup tool which We’ve found as one of the greatest in terms of support provided and especially for - live linking, which allows you to create live mockups in order to deliver the overall feel of navigation and User Experience to client more effectively. It has awesome sharing function as well - really easy to work and communicate ideas with clients, especially important in e-commerce projects where we like to test different approaches and see which could generate highest conversion rates.

However, nobody’s perfect as well as Balsamiq. They don’t have grid system integrated which makes mockup process messy as well as lacking some other essential forms and elements. The good news are that it’s possible to Upload existing grid templates and add them to your mockup, whether they are created by Balsamiq, other users or you! I was lucky enough to find well designed Twitter Bootstrap Grid Template mockup on Balsamiq on-line resource database so I could really save time and concentrate on more important tasks.

After mockup is downloaded in .bmml format - it can be easily uploaded on the system here: Image

Might be useful to create your own collection of most used elements and share with others! So Go ahead and create your own collection of most used elements to speed up your mock-up process and share with others. I will definitely create my own. See for updates from time to time.

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