Getting a Billing Address from the Magento Orders Table

I recently had to generate a report listing the details of all orders from a magento store that matched certain parameters.

There was a requirement that the billing address should be included in this, and I wanted to do this all in SQL if possible.

The biggest problem was formatting the address as there is a value in the address table called suffix, which contains the County information, but is not a required value.

As I was adding in line breaks to the select, this meant for all of the orders that did not have the value, then there would be a blank line using a standard CONCAT statement.

What I found was that it is possible to add an IF statement to the CONCAT query, which gives the required result.

This is done like this

    -- Other Values that are needed --
        billing.firstname, " ", billing.lastname, "\n", 
        billing.street, "\n",, 
            if(billing.suffix IS NOT NULL, 
                CONCAT( "\n", billing.suffix),
              ), "\n", 
        billing.postcode) AS "Billing Address"
FROM sales_flat_order AS sfo
JOIN sales_flat_order_address AS billing
    ON billing.parent_id = sfo.entity_id
    AND billing.address_type = 'billing'
-- add your WHERE conditions --

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