Chrome AutoCorrect for Gmail (and Google Apps)

If you use Gmail (also bundled with Google Apps) for your business then you probably write a lot of emails directly into the gmail interface. If you are like me you probably make teh the mistakes all teh time. (See what I did there!)

As the MD of Edmonds Commerce I probably write more emails than most people with everything from Magento quotes, client communications, enquiries and maybe even the occasional personal email. At a guess I would say I write a good few thousand words per day. I should calculate that one day.

Well help is at hand with this wonderful chrome extension that will auto correct common typos as you type them in gmail. For me this is a real productivity booster as I type fast but badly and this really tidies up a lot of my common mistakes meaning less backspace and more getting stuff done.

You can grab the extension here.

I hope you find it useful. On another note, if you aren’t currently using Google Apps (its free you know) and would like to look at transitioning your business to the system then get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you with it. I can not recommend the service enough to be honest, even if you go for the paid version the cost is negligible really. Smaller companies should be find with the free version though which you really can’t argue with.

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