Magento Admins Black Friday Survival Public Service Announcement

Magento Site Being Flooded with Buyers, Struggling with Server Load?

If your Magento site is currently being flooded with orders and visitors and the server is struggling to cope then I have one simple and easy to action tip for you:

Do as little as possible in the admin

Did you know that every time you update product details and other wise change things in the admin then you are likely to cause one or both of the indexes and caches to require a flush?

In normal operation that is not a big deal, but if your server is being maxed out then you really don’t want to force it to stop serving requests and spend precious seconds rebuilding caches and indexes.

Furthermore, the admin is in itself a heavy beast that your webserver has to do a lot of work to prepare each page load. As a total finger in the air estimate I’d say a single admin page view is worth around 10 front end page views. If you are making good use of caching then that could be more like 100.

This means that if you want your site to continue working on the front end through Black Friday then I really suggest you restrict admin usage to the minimum.

Stuck for something to do?

Why not fire up Google Analytics real time stats, put your feet up and drink tea whilst watching people flood through your checkout process :)

Commercial Bit:

Of course, if you are realising that you really could have been better prepared for today…

That you are losing sales because your site and server are not performing at their best..

You are starting to think that you could do with some high quality professional Magento expertise…

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