Wget For Beginners

What is Wget in general ?

Wget is a free utility for non-interactive download of file from the web. The user doesn’t need to login system every time Wget can download the entire web page or mirroring the entire web page. If download crashed or stop for various reason Wget will start download again from where it stopped. It is highly recommended for downloading file from web with slow network connections.

How to Use Wget ?

wget -t 10 www.google.com

If network connection fails Wget will to try to reconnect 20 times in default.With -t command we can specify how many times it need to reconnect.

wget -p --convert-links -r www.google.com -o logfile

This command will download the site -p and –convert will make sure all linked files are linked to downloaded document such as images and external links it enables complete offline viewing. Log file can be enabled with -O command to view the output message.

wget --spider --force-html www.google.com

–spider Will check the webpage is existent or not. –force It will enforce the file type that have to be downloaded.

wget -u mozilla www.google.com

some site access allowed to certain user agents. So to access with certain user agent you can use this command.

Ftp connection download is achieved by

wget -r ftp://username:password@ftp.example.com

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