Nice Gnome Shell Theme - Elegance Colours

One of the nice features of Gnome Shell is that, with the help of the User Theme extension, you can really customise your desktop experience to be something personalised.

For me, the first thing is to set my desktop background to be a nice picture - something with wide open spaces, mountains and lots of sky.

The next thing though is to set up a user theme. I like transparency and themes that allow my well chosen background image to shine through.

For this reason I chose the Elegance Colors theme as it has a “clear” preset which also includes functionality to set the colour scheme based on the background image which is pretty slick I think.

For installation instructions, please see the README on Github

Quick Fedora instructions are here:

Create Repo

sudo sh -c " echo '[home_satya164_elegance-colors]
name=Elegance Colors Gnome Shell theme (Fedora_20)
enabled=1' > /etc/yum.repos.d/elegance-colors.repo"

Install Theme

sudo yum install gnome-shell-theme-elegance-colors

Run the Setup


Switch to the Theme

gsettings set name 'elegance-colors'

Now run the GUI and set it up

For this you can hit simply search for ‘Elegance Colors’ from the dash to load the GUI.

In the GUI you have presets and if you want transparency just choose the clear one. After that of course you can customise as you see fit


To make the most of Fedora, its well worth following these instructions to improve font rendering.

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