Magento Natively Supports Google Website Optimizer

The latest version (1.7) of Magento has been released and features native support of a real enterprise level ecommerce feature: A-B or Multivariate testing.

This involves presenting slightly different versions of pages to portions of web traffic and then monitoring the effectiveness of each version. This method then allows you to fine tune your site to maximise conversions and ultimately turnover.

The release also includes native Google Base integration meaning you can upload your product catalogue to Google’s Base system (most usefully used in Google Product Search - A.K.A. Froogle).

These kind of hard hitting features really cement the fact that investing into a Magento based ecommerce platform is not just a sound decision for right now, but also a sound long term tactical decision for an ecommerce business.

There is probably no bigger decision you will make as a start up ecommerce business than which platform to invest in. Should I go for a paid for package? Should I go for the tried and tested package? Should I go for a hosted package?

I think the answer is becoming more and more - go for Magento!

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