cPanel Download Site Files and Database

Often a client won’t have access to SSH, or won’t be able to provide you with some of the more specifics such as FTP, PHPMyAdmin etc. All they know to give you is access to their cPanel. Through this there’s various tools at your disposal.


Your cPanel login is actually a Linux user login, which cPanel’s FTP hooks into. The first step is to navigate in your cPanel to FTP Accounts and click Configure FTP client on a user. These are SFTP details and can very often provide you with SSH shell access, unless the host has disabled this.

Simply try ssh user@host -p 1234, where the user, host and password are your cPanel login, and the port displayed on the FTP Accounts page.

From here you’re free to use tar, gzip, mysqldump etc to acquire the files and database.

If SSH isn’t enabled

Sometimes the host disables SSH access, only allowing its use for SFTP. There are still many ways to acquire the site’s files and database:

Getting hold of the files

Getting hold of the database

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