Repeating Behat Scenarios when Testing Magento with SmartStep

When behat testing Magento I found myself repeating the same Homepage > Category > Product > Add-to-cart > Cart page scenario for a variety of tests - checking that a category page has products; checking that items are added to the cart; testing the checkout itself etc etc.

I didn’t want to copy-paste the whole procedure because if I changed, say the .product-list class, I’d have to update each of the Scenarios. Bit of a kick in the face to DRY.

The standard Behat way is to create a method in the Context class which performs the add-to-cart procedure under the Step Given I have added to cart or similar, but this defeats the object of using Gherkin to write the tests.

Fortunately KnpLabs have soled this problem with SmartSteps. This allows you to create a Scanerio that you want to be repeatable by tagging it as a @smartStep. Once it’s tagged, you can easily embed that scenario into a new one by having a step Given [scenario name]

Adding SmartSteps to your behat tests

- Tag your scenario

@smartStep Scenario: I arrive on the site and add a product to cart When I am on “/” Then I follow “My category” Then I follow “My product” Then I press “Add to Cart” And I should see “was added to your shopping cart”

- And then use the Scenario in any other scenarios with

Given I arrive on the site and add a product to cart ```

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