Automatically convert old PHP file to camelCase

I’ve recently been working with an old project that uses a combination of different coding styles.

One of the more trivial annoyances with this is that the variables used through the project are a combination of $camelCase and $snake_case which throws of the coding standards tools that I use.

To get round this I have put a little script together that will convert $snake_case to $camelCase automatically.

Obviously, you will need to check the results of this to make sure that there are not variables that should not be changed, but it has saved me a lot of time doing this manually.

I’ve added this to my .bash_allias file, though it could easily be turned into a standalone script if required

#Fix legacy code
 cammelCase() {
   vim -E -s $@ <<-EOF

Tags: developmentphpbashtiphelpful tipscoding standards