Android Developer Leeds

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Android is a great mobile operating system, we love it. On a more professional note we believe that Android will (if not already) become the winner in the smart phone OS wars, in terms of number of users anyway (lets leave the “which is the best” debate for later).

For simple requirements the best option might actually be to create a mobile optimised version of your web page using one of the many libraries such as jQuery Mobile which gives you the advantage of a single platform to maintain whilst giving the user a high quality mobile optimised experience that feels very much like using a native app.

However for more advanced requirements you might choose to develop a custom app. If you are looking for iPhone app development then we can certainly help, though our core focus is going to be on the Android side of things. We believe in being excellent at a few choice technologies rather than attempting to be a “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

If you didn’t already know, this means we focus intently on ecommerce, PHP and Magento development. On the mobile side we focus on Android.

If you would like to discuss your Android development requirements and your idea for an Android app then get in touch today!

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